LG Aria

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Pinnacle Phone and Data can help you with any additions, alterations or re-programming of your LG Aria or LG-Nortel telephone system.

We have the expertise to make these systems work best for YOUR needs….

  • LG Aria 16
  • LG Aria 20
  • LG Aria 24ip
  • LG Aria 34E
  • LG Aria 100/130

We can supply extra telephones or circuit cards for your office expansions or re-arrangements.

These systems can also be adapted to work with the NBN, so there is no requirement to upgrade your telephone system when migrating to the NBN.

LDK 2-Button Phone    LDK 8-Button Phone    LKD 30-Button Phone

LDK 30 - Button Phone - Large Display    LKD DSS Console

LDP 7004 Phones      LDP 7008 Phones

LDP 7016 _Phones      LDP 7024 Phones

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