NBN – It’s happening


The rollout of the nation-wide NBN is in full-steam-ahead mode.

There are currently 7 different ‘flavours’ of technology used by NBNCo to get us all connected.

We generally don’t get to choose the technology used to deliver the internet signal to our premises – NBNCo will choose the delivery method, governed by what they deem to be the most cost-effective means of delivery. If you want to be upgraded to fibre direct to your premises, you might have to be prepared to pay $1,000’s for the privilege.

For more information about these various technologies, please refer to our web page on NBN Solutions.

NBN – What to do?


The NBN machine is rolling through.

Some suburbs have been cutover to the NBN for several years (Aspley, Banyo), and some suburbs are in the process of cutover.

Caboolture, Strathpine, Brendale, Lawnton and Warner are having FTTN (Fibre To The Node) cabinets installed and customers are starting to migrate their services over to the NBN.

Redcliffe was chosen as a trial site for HFC (Hybrid Fibre Co-Axial) method of NBN delivery, and this uses existing the Foxtel Co-Axial cable and outlets for modem connection.

The HFC method looks to be the new preferred method of NBN delivery, as NBNCo has acquired the co-axial cable network of both Telstra (Foxtel) and Optus.

(Did someone say “monopoly”?)

This all means that the delivery of your dial tone and internet will change.

Residential users with a single telephone service and internet will most likely just have a change of modem, with the telephone connected via the modem.

Business users with multiple telephone lines will be faced with difficult, and possibly costly, decisions.

Pinnacle Phone and Data can help. Please refer to our web page on NBN Solutions.

Website alterations complete – hopefully


It’s taken a bit of time and effort, but alterations and fine-tuning of the website has been done, and hopefully, all is now looking as it should, and all links are working.

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Apologies for the inconvenience.


Due to devious individuals 😈 from the northern hemisphere hacking into this website, the whole site has been relocated to another web host, and has changed from a Joomla based site to a WordPress site. Unfortunately the transition has not been smooth, and a lot of the content needs to be re-created. This all takes time and patience, and will mostly be done out-of-hours, as time permits.

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